• Attendance Intervention

  • Attendance Intervention

    In increasing the delivery of services to both students and parents, the Office of Attendance Improvement is seeking to enhance and develop partnerships with community based organizations and social services entities. The goal is to identify opportunities to provide enhanced services to eliminate barriers that hinder a students’/family’s ability to attend school consistently. The following services, supports, and programs will be available for the 2017-2018 academic year:

    1.Parent Workshops: Designed to increase parents’ knowledge of the importance of school attendance and provide information and strategies that promote attendance.

    2.Truancy Prevention Guide:  Designed to share important information regarding truancy (i.e. laws, impact of, resources to address).

    3.Attendance “Court” Administrative Meetings: Designed to address the challenges and barriers  of students    who have chronic and/or severe school attendance with critical school-based and community resources and services.

    4.Truancy Hotline (Developing): The truancy hotline is a resource to concerned community members who consistently encounter school aged youth congregating in specific locations during the school day. Attendance personnel will investigate reports.