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    CLRI Parent Session


    On behalf of the Office of CLRI, we wish to thank you for the support and commitment you provide to your children each and every day.


    A key component of culturally responsive education is to provide a bridge -- connecting the students' learning in the classroom to their own personal lives. It is important that we work together to serve the needs of your children. While educators may be experts in their content areas and instructional strategies, you are experts in your children and your own lived experiences. You have a lot of value to add and we want to raise your voices, in order to strengthen our own knowledge. We look forward to growing this partnership!


    Opportunities for engaging in culturally responsive educational practices:

    • Engage in family literacy using the Brownies Books
    • Learn about the legacy of slavery and its impact on today from the New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project
    • Check out the Recommended Reading page to select diverse books for your child to read
    • Review the Family & Community Resource Guide to learn more about resources that can support you and your children with processing and identifying emotions, as well as fostering hope, healing, and resilience, specifically after the occurrence of traumatic events.

    • Contact your child's school if you are interested in being a parent representative on the school's CLRI Action Team
    • Contact the Office of Parent and Family Engagement for information on CLRI Parent Sessions


    Additional Parent Resources:

    • Write Now! Make Books: Encourage your child to write a book about his or her experiences
    • Article: Using inclusive language with young people