School Renovation Project


    ADDITION: Our addition will include new classrooms for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, a new Main Office, and a new Cafeteria. The addition will also have a circle drive in the front of it. The expected move-in date will be approximately Fall 2022. 

    RECONSTRUCTION IN EXISTING BUILDING: The Technology classroom is being reconstructed into two new first grade classrooms. These classrooms are expected to be ready for the first day of school. The existing cafeteria will be renovated into a new Technology and Family and Consumer Sciences classrooms for our Upper School students. 

    PLAYGROUND: Be sure to visit our new playground that is expected to be ready in Spring 2023! The new playground location will be near Parkside Avenue and North Drive. 

    EXISTING BUILDING: Allstate General Contracting is working diligently during the summer of 2022 to update many parts of our existing building. Within our existing building, there are updates occurring that include a new gymnasium floor, new carpet in the Library, Auditorium, and office spaces, new painting in all the classrooms, new vinyl on our partition walls, and painting the lockers.