• Hello Families, 

    This section will serve as helping to keep parents informed regarding overall resources and information. 

    Please be sure to check the district webpage regarding Coronavirus updates.

    Your child's Teacher Pages can be used to access academic work. Please refer to parent online directions for logging in to Clever and Schoology. 

    For guidance with social emotional lessons and information regarding family support, please see Mrs. King's or Mrs. Fruehauf's webpage. 


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    Hello Families,
    I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for working with us while we are all learning how to assist and facilitate learning from home. We appreciate so many families taking on this hefty responsibility while many of us are continuing to also work from home. We understand that every family is different in regards to their schedule, needs, and people in their household. "School" for your child right now looks quite different than what we all are use to. (My own daughter has given me feedback regarding my 'stations' not being as 'fun' as her teacher's.) With that being said, all the staff at NPCS would like to provide you with some clarifying information in hopes to provide some relief of stress: 
    1. Our goal is the same as yours, that your child continues to learn and LOVES learning. Anything they learn each day is a success!
    2. The "schedule" that your child's teacher sent is only an example, this schedule is not mandatory. Each family should modify the schedule to fit their needs.
    3. The daily assignments can be found in Schoology (please see directions on how to access Schoology that was sent home in folder AND can be found on your child's teacher's website in "March Resources") - if you do not have access to Schoology please privately message your child's teacher so alternate arrangements can be made.
    4. All "extra" documents sent home are to use during the times that "fit" into your schedule. 
    5. Your child's teacher will begin to share their DOJO blasts between the hours of 3:00-4:00 pm for the FOLLOWING day - this will assist parents with having all information with plenty of time prior to using it (beginning TODAY for TOMORROW).
    6. DOJO will still be used throughout the day (between 9:00-4:00 M-F) for individual communication via private messages
    7. Encore teachers will be sharing lessons on a schedule (specific days between the hours of 3:00-4:00 pm) 
    **The most important part of this message is to remind parents, you are doing a great job! Please utilize what you can and encourage your children to do their best. 
    We are all here with the same purpose, to provide an education to your children and to support everyone. 
    Stay safe, well, positive, and loving! We miss you all!
    Carla Graves