• IB Mission Statement


    "Makowski is a community that recognizes, respects, and celebrates diversity.  Through inquiry, we nurture and educate our children to become compassionate life-long learners.  Our students will grow to become a positive influence on their community and the world."


    Grade 1 Curriculum: 


    Transdiciplinary Themes and Central Ideas

    1. Who We Are - The actions of individuals and groups have an effect on their community.

    2. How the World Works - Humans use their understanding of the natural world to improve their quality of life.

    3. Where We Are in Place and Time - Life in the past differs from life in the present as a result of advances in our world.

    4. How We Organize Ourselves - Families make informed decisions to grow and survive.

    5. Sharing the Planet - The structure and behavior of living things help them grow, survive, and reproduce.

    6. How We Express Ourselves - Discoveries in light and sound impact the way we communicate.

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