• Having Trouble with Your Laptop?

    Are you having trouble logging in?   
    Do you see this message?

    Error Message

    Students may need to be rejoined to the BPS Domain if you see this message.

    If you are near a school and it will not violate social distancing guidelines, you can try and go near with building with your laptop.

    If you can get a good wi-fi signal, try and log on.  You may be able to reconnect in this way.

     Otherwise Students or other Parent  are directed to visit to either East, Bennett, South Park or Lafayette High School with their laptops.

     Technicians  are available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 11:00-1:00. 

     There will be IT Technicians on site  to assist students with rejoining their laptops to the BPS domain. See the notice below

         Reminder -- Schools hubs will not Be open on Friday April 10 or Monday April 13


    Tech Support Hours