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    Welcome Families! With the current situation in schooling due to COVID-19, we would like your child to have access to the material they would of received at school during this time. Below is a link to check out the most up to date assignments for our kindergarten students:

    Click Here for Up-to-Date Kindergarten Assignments


    This site will house all of the Kindergarten assignments. We are working together as a Makowski Kindergarten team in order to get the information for you to teach your child at home. To keep is simple, you can check here weekly for up to date assignments.

    You will need access to a computer to read or listen to the stories. There are worksheets attached that go with assignments. If you cannot access a printer, just have your child complete the assignment on a piece of paper. Keep all completed work in the orange bag you received.

    Please check this page weekly for updated material! You will be your child’s best source to academic success during this time!

    Also if you have yet to do so, like/follow Kaiser's Kinders to get Live teaching sessions, and a plethora of different teaching resources that can be, fun yet educational to your child! Click here to like/follow: Kaiser's Kinders


    Thank You!