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    By now, you should have received a piece of mail, that looks like the document below, and includes your child's personal login. Follow the directions below/or on the letter you got in the mail, to access your child's tailored online learning opportunities from Buffalo Public Schools. These learning activities include:

    • Think Central (Journey's Reading Series)
    • Learning A-Z (reading program, games and learning)
    • Lexia Core 5 (reading program, games and learning)
    • Moby Max (math activities and games)
    • Khan Academy (math lessons by topic)
    • My-ON (library of electronic books)

    Clever Login or Directions Below:

    cleverStudent Login

    Student Logins

    Fast Forword

    Fast Forword Login Page

    By this time, you should have received your child's user name and password in the mail, as well as on ClassDojo. If you need further assistance, contact me and I would be happy to give you the information again.

    This is a program that your child has been using daily, for 30 minutes, every day this school year.

    Your child's ability to focus and pay attention to tasks in the classroom and at home, especially tasks that require them to listen to instructions, are strengthend during this program. Improved ability to follow directions and instructions. The use of language. Better reading skills and more enthusiasm for reading

    Fast Forword



    Splash Math

    Splash Math Login 

    After clicking login click on class, not home.

    Then, type this month's class code which is: RBQMEU

    Then, choose your child's name and type 12345 for the PW.

    (When using the picture below to LOGIN, note that the class code is not the one from step 2, we have our own code which changes monthly, and is listed below)

    splash math