Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Nuwer

Bilingual Speech Teacher

Frank A. Sedita

BPS 30

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Welcome to my page!

Great Ideas for Parents to keep your Kids engage developing Speech and Language Skills at HOME!!! (Ideas para trabajar en Casa)

  • Involve your kids in daily tasks and try to keep a daily routine.


    If your kids are getting frustrated with you about hand washing like mine are, blame it on this!



    Have your children read daily.  Engage in making inferences and answering and asking questions during and at the end of the story.  Read to a pet, a sibling, through FaceTime to a younger child. Grandparents can read to your kiddos via FaceTime if they have the technology.





    Questions to ask:  “What do you think will happen next in the story? Would you have done that? What do/did you like best about…? Do you think that could/would ever happen to you?” This is a time to read slowly with inflection, using different voices for different characters. Follow words with your finger as this shows children that reading words moves left to right across a page and helps them keep their place as they read.  Practice using context clues.


    Read everything: labels, cereal boxes, road signs, menus, newspapers, comic books! 


    Play games that focus on the importance of listening: Simon Says, Hokey Pokey, Telephone, or while reading, ask questions like, “Do you remember the dog’s name? What did the family do after dinner? Who do you think is coming to visit?” This includes listening and following directions when it comes to household chores too.  Again, blame me!  Your house will sparkle and your kids will improve their listening skills. 🙂


    Engage your child in conversation throughout the day.