• Classroom Procedures:

    Virtual expectation


    Entering the classroom in the morning:

    • Walk into classroom quietly
    • Hand in any homework, papers, notes
    • Get sharpened pencil from container
    • Sit in assigned seat and begin morning work
    • When morning work is complete raise hand for teacher to check
    • Find a book quietly or finish any missing work

    Signals for attention:

    • Classroom signals
      • 1 finger-bathroom
      • 2 fingers – supplies/sharpen pencils
      • 3 fingers- question/help
    • One, two, three eyes on me…Student response: one, two eyes on you
      • All talking has stopped
      • Attention is focused back on the teacher

    Whole class work/discussion:

    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak
    • Respect the classmate who is speaking
    • Allow everyone to share ideas

    Independent work:

    • Work by yourself
    • Voice is off
    • Is help is needed, raise your hand and wait for a teacher to assist you
    • Check work to make sure you have tried your hardest!
    • Before you hand in your work, check to see if you remembered your name!

    Partner work:

    • Work quietly with one another
    • Make sure you are listening to all ideas
    • Both partners should share thoughts and ideas during this time

     Lunch room:

    • Enter cafeteria quietly and continue to lunch line
    • Take everything needed for lunch while in line
    • Walk to assigned classroom table, sit quietly, and eat
    • Keep voices low (no shouting or yelling)
    • When finished with your lunch raise your hand and wait to be called to throw out garbage. DO NOT leave seat without permission
    • Follow any and all directions given by lunch room monitors!

    Lining up for hallway/lunch/specials:

    • Line up only when asked to by adult
    • Stand up quietly, push in chair, take any necessary items, line up without touching others or talking, face the front of the line.
    • Line up in number order

    Using the bathroom:

    • You are only allowed to use the bathroom when teacher is not teaching the whole group or in an emergency
    • Use appropriate finger signal
    • Only one boy and one girl are allowed at the bathroom at a time
    • Take bathroom pass with you when you go and return it when you are done

    Visitor in the classroom:

    • Greet visitor when they enter the classroom (say hello)
    • Remain in your seats
    • Continue to work quietly on your work

          Fire drills:

    • Stop what you are doing immediately
    • Line up at the door quickly and quietly
    • Move QUICKLY and follow our class route out of the building.
    • When we get to our assigned spot outside, stay in line and turn around. Stay quiet and listen for directions.
    • Absolutely NO TALKING

     Classroom jobs:

    • Classroom jobs will be assigned and changed every week
    • If you do not have a job, you are considered to be “on vacation” and can relax
    • If you are not doing your assigned job or not following our classroom rules you can get “fired” from your job and it will be assigned to someone else.

    Dismissal at the end of the day:

    • At 3:30pm we will start to get ready for dismissal
    • When you are asked, get your take home folder and check to make sure your homework is inside
    • Go to your locker and quietly take everything you need to home
    • Return to your seat in the classroom and quietly read a book or work on homework until your bus/afterschool/etc. is called


    • Homework may not be assigned every day, however when it is, it is expected to be done completely.
    • Homework should be turned in upon entering the classroom in the morning.
    • Read for 20 minutes daily, either independently or with a family member. 


    Continue to follow classroom rules in our class as well as anywhere in the school!