Read-Alouds on YouTube


    Need to take a rest from reading stories to your child? Why not have someone else do the reading and the two of you can still enjoy and talk about the book together! Just go to YouTube and in the search box type in "Scholastic books on video" and a whole selection of books will pop up. You and your child can listen to someone else read as the two of you enjoy the story. Then you can discuss the book. Some questions you can ask are:

    Where does the story take place?

    Who were the characters?

    Who was the main character?

    What happened at the beginning of the story? What happened next? What happened at the end of the story?

    What was the problem in the story? How was the problem solved?


    Some of my favorite stories are (Just click the red link below):

    Giraffes Can't Dance 

    The Day the Crayons Quit

    The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

    The Princess and the Pea

    Caps For Sale