Our class Rules/Expectations

    • Our Behavior/Classroom Rules: 

      Our classroom rules are; Listening Bodies, Raised Hands, Quiet Voices, Walking Feet, Helping Hands, and Caring Hearts. We go over our rules every morning and these are reinforced through the use of Classroom Dojo points and our Classroom Color Clipchart. Each time a student earns 5 points on Dojo, they get to move thier name clip up a color on the chart. All students begin their days on the color green (Ready to Learn). If students need many reminders or break a rule, they move down one color at a time. Yellow means students need to think about their choices, Orange stands for Teacher Choice meaning I will write a note explaining their behavior on the communicator that is sent home. The lowest color is Red which means Parent Contact, in which I will contact home with the student to discuss their behavior choices. If students move down a color, they do have the chance to move their name clip back up on the color chart if they decide to make better choices and are working hard to turn their day around. On the other hand, students who end their day on purple means they've had awesome behavior and will earn a candy at the end of the day. The highest color is pink which stands for "Super Student" and those students get to pick from the prize bin at the end of the day. Students color their days at the end of each school day on their weekly communicators. Weekly communicators are sent home at the beginning of each week and are expected to be returned and signed daily by the parent. These will be kept in their take home folders and communicators contain important announcements for the week, the students' daily specials, their color of the day, and daily homework assignments. 


    • Grading Policies: There are three categories that are used in calculating your child's grade; summative assessments/tests, class participation, and checkpoints which is for completion of in class assignments (morning work, small group work). These three categories are combined to give a percentage and based on that percentage will show if your child receives a "S" for satisfactory, or a "U" for unsatisfactory. Grades will be taken for each subject (math, ELA/NLA, Science/Social Studies, and special areas (art, music, gym)).


    • Homework Policies: Students are expected to complete their homework nightly. Homework is to be returned to school in their take home folders. Students will receive credit for completed homework. Homework assignments can be found on the weekly communicators. Students will receive written homework assignments Monday-Thursday. There will be no written homework assignments assigned on Fridays, but students are expected to read and practice sight words nightly. Homework practice packets may be assigned during extended school breaks.


    • Expectations for our classroom: Please check student take home folders nightly and return to school each day.