• Mrs. Stevens Classroom Policies:



    It is expected that students are safe, respectful and responsible throughout the entire school day. We are all a family and expected to be kind and helpful to eachother. 



    Students are graded on the completion of their homework, classroom assignments, exit tickets, participation, and assessments. Students will be required to complete everything even when absent.



    Students are given homework Monday- Thursday with the expectation that it is ALL handed in and completed by Friday of that week. Homework assignments can be found listed under the homework tab as current assignments.


    Class Expectations:

    **It is expected that your child comes to school EVERYDAY (if they are absent please provide a note) and are ready to learn when they come in.

    **Students also need to complete any work sent home or assigned in the classroom.

    **If absent it is their responsibility to get any work they missed.

    ** Cell Phones are not allowed in the classroom, they are to be kept in their lockers. Students will have them taken away if found and if happend on multiple occasions the parent will be asked to come in and get it back. Please see attached document below for details


    Necessary Documents:

    **Please make sure your Parent Contact Sheet is handed in and updated with any changed throughout the year.

    **Photo Release forms.

    **Cell Phone Contract/Agreement

     Cell Phone Contract