Behavior/classroom policies



    Dear Parents,

                I am thrilled that your child is in my classroom this year! So far, we have been traveling on the road to success! However, I would like to remind everyone of our classroom rules. To make sure your child has an educational environment that will maximize their learning potential, it is essential that the classroom rules be followed on a regular basis.  All of these rules have been discussed and posted in our classroom. 

    The classroom rules include:

    • Respect others and their feelings
    • Raise your hand
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. (No hitting, touching or kicking peers)
    • Use indoor voices and KIND words. (No inappropriate language)
    • STAY in your seat when required.
    • Listen to ALL teachers and their directions. (Including specials teachers)
    • Utilize bathroom breaks as needed (Bathroom breaks are given throughout the day-no horse play or just wondering the halls for fun!)
    • Water fountain trips should be for drinking purposes only. (No playing and splashing water)
    • No pushing and shoving in the hallway
    • No use of a cellphone during school hours

    However, if a student chooses to break the rules, the following steps will be taken:

    First time                               Warning

    Second time                           Loss of DOJO points

    Third time                              Phone call home to parent

    Fourth time                            Teacher conference with parents

    Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with DOJO points, prize box prizes, stickers, candy and iPad time. 

    Thank you for your cooperation! I look forward a wonderful classroom environment!

    ~Ms. Rickert