Homework Policy

Grade 6 Homework Policy

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    In order to continue on the road to academic achievement, I would like to remind everyone of the homework schedule.


    Homework is a great way to re-enforce skills as well as keep you updated with what we are learning in class. Homework assignments will only be assigned Monday through Thursday. Students are required to use their daily agendas to write down each assignment and its due date.


    ELA homework Monday through Thursday will include nightly reading for 20 minutes. After each reading session, students are required to fill out their reading log and have a parent's signature attached. In addition to nightly reading, students may be assigned vocabulary sentences, word sketches, worksheets and writing assignments. These homework assignments will be assigned accordingly.


    In order to receive full credit on their reading log, students must have their reading logs filled out EACH night and include a parent's signature. I will be collecting homework the following morning and record all assignments for part of their grade.  


    Students have the choice to choose an appropriate reading book based upon their independent reading level. They can choose a book from our class library, the school’s library, or from Lexia or MyOn. The books can be signed out but should be returned upon completion of the book.  


    If you have any questions, please contact me Krickert@buffaloschools.org or you can message me through Class Dojo.


    I appreciate your cooperation in this matter as I look forward to continuing this school year with great success!

    ~Ms. Rickert