• Classroom Policies & Expectations 

    • Classroom Rules 
      1. Listening Bodies: I will listen and follow directions. 
      2. Raised Hands: I will raise my hand to share ideas. 
      3. Quiet Mouths: I will use a soft voive. 
      4. Walking Feet: I will walk in school to be safe. 
      5. Helping Hands: I will use my hands for helping others. 
      6. Caring Hearts: I will use kind words. . 
    • Grading Policy
      • There are three categories that are used in calculating your child's grade; summative assessments/tests, class participation, and checkpoints which is for completion of in class assignments (morning work, small group work). These three categories are combined to give a percentage and based on that percentage will show if your child receives a "S" for satisfactory, or a "U" for unsatisfactory. Grades will be taken for each subject (math, ELA, Science/Social Studies, Enrichment Learning, and special areas (art, music, gym)).
    • Homework Policy 
      • Homework will follow the same schedule every week. Every day the students should be reading for at least 15 minutes at home. 
        • Monday: Practice Sight Words on the back of the communicatior 
        • Tuesday: Letter or Word Work 
        • Wednesday: Math Homework 
        • Thursday: Sight Word or Word Work 
        • Friday: Enjoy your weekend! 
      • Homework is expected to be done everynight and returned to school for credit the following day. Homework can be found in the damily communications folder. 
    • Expectations for Our Classroom 
      • Please check your folders daily. There is always important information going home. After the student has done their homework, initial the communicator and add any comments or concerns that you may have.