Check out the information below & in the sub-categories to the left for more information on policies & expectations :)



  • Important Documents

    At the beginning of each year, I will need each of the following returned as soon as it is possible:

    -Parent contact form

    (Please let me know of address/phone changes throughout the year)

    -Photo release form

    -Allergy/medications form (school nurse)

    - Field trip forms





    1.Students should be in school & on time each day. Attendance is important.


    2. Students will go to their locker, use the bathroom, prepare daily materials & complete morning work upon arrival to school. 


    3. Students will follow classroom rules & and school/district policies at all times throughout the school day.


    4. Students will take ownership of their own learning in school. It is okay not to know, it's not okay not to try. I want to know students are putting their best foot forward. Classwork needs to be completed in each class.


    5. Students will complete homework, per the homework policy.


    6. Students know that they are loved and that their well being is my utmost priority.




    We adhere to a uniform policy at our school. I look for students wearing khaki bottoms and a navy blue polo shirt. Students should wear close toed shoes and sweaters/sweatshirts should not have a hood.



    We have a no cell phone policy. Students who own a cell phone can choose to leave it in their lockers or turn it into me. If they give it to me, they can grab it on their way out at the end of the day. Cell phones will be confiscated if they are used during the school day.