• Here are some links to assist you with the math portion of the take-home packet: 

    Packet Directions                                Brain Pop                                     Voyager Try It

    Flashcards                                           Sum Dogs                                     Voyager Overview

    Skills Review                                       NYC Learn at Home



    Included are some links related to the Kindergarten math modules. 


     Embarc Home The Embarc website is a great tool for teaching common core math. This site allows you to search by grade level and click on the current module and lesson.


    How to use: 

    • Click on the link
    • Scroll down to find the desired lesson
    • WATCH the video (very helpful!)
    • Explore the links and resources under each lesson for more guidance 


    Module 1

    Module 2

    Module 3

    Module 4

    Module 5

    Module 6


    Engage NY This site breaks down each of the math modules by providing a curriculum map for each. Here you will find a copy of the teacher guide as well as the worksheet pages included in the student workbooks. 


    Full Module 1

    Full Module 2

    Full Module 3 

    Full Module 4

    Full Module 5

    Full Module 6



     Oakdale Schools This site focuses on the domains of the Kindergarten math modules:

    • Counting and Cardinality
    • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • Number and Operations in Base Ten
    • Measurement and Data
    • Geometry 


    Module 1 Lessons 

    Module 2 Lessons

    Module 3 Lessons

    Module 4 Lessons

    Module 5 Lessons 

    Module 6 Lessons


    For Students:                   For Parents/Guardians:

    Game Links                      Math Videos

    Khan Academy                 Parent Roadmap

    Web Tool.                        Unpacked Standards