• First, I can't stress enough how valuable and important it is to read with and to your child every day. You can even go to Youtube and search "stories for Kindergarten read alouds" and they will read the stories to them.  Always ask them questions after they listen to a story, some examples are:

    -What hapened first? Next? Last?

    -Who were the characters in the story?

    -What was the problem in the story? How was it solved?

    -Does the story or characters remind you of other stories we have read? How?


     High Frequency Word List: (words taught so far)

    I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now, is

     New this week: how, of, so, many, where


    The students have been working hard to read and write new words and sentences. You can help them practice these skills.

    -Write down a 3 letter word or a simple sentence using some of our high frequency words and have them read it to you.

    - Give them a word to write. Don't be afraid to try longer words. They may not get it correct, but they should be writing down all the sounds they hear in the word. It's good practice!

     - Give them a sentence to write using a combination of High Frequency Words and other words, as well.

    - Ask them a question about a story you just read and have them write their answer.

    - Have them write a sentence about the best part of their day.

    -They can write a story about a pet, their family, an animal, a toy or anything that interests them.


    Don't forget to go to Lexia to practice these and many other skills daily. See the Resource page if you need a reminder how to get there.


    Journey's Student Reader Volume 1 

    (You can click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to access our 1st Student Reader. These are stories your child should be able to read on their own using decodable words and High Frequency Words. They love reading these in class!)



    Journey's Student Reader Volume 2 

    (You can click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to access our 2nd Student Reader. Your child has read some of these stories in class already and can certainly try new ones. They love reading these in class!)



    Journey's Leveled Readers

    (Click on the link below. Each shape on the page leads you to different leveled readers that the students can read on their own or if you click on the Audio button, it will read the story to them while highlighting each word.)



    Jouney's Big Books

    (These are great stories from our reading series that you can read to your child. Click on the link and then click on any title you would like to read to your child.)



    More Read Alouds From Journey's