• Working from home! Tips for working from home...       

    CLASSWORK / SYNCHRONOUS TIME : TEAMS meetings with classmates, teacher or small group

    • Use your calendar to keep track of your snychronous classes.
    • Log into TEAMS meetings and be ready, in a place in your home that you won't be interrupted or distracted.
    • Be aware of your camera and microphone settings.
    • Participate in chat activities and remember attendance counts! 


    HOMEWORK / ASYNCHRONOUS TIME: Independent work time 

    • Pick a time.  Pick a time everday that you will do schoolwork. Early in the day is a good choice, you will have more energy.
    • Find a quiet place.  Find a place that is quiet and and keep all of your materials together.
    • Dont stress! This is new for all of us! try your best and don't worry. 
    • Ask for help!  Your teachers are still here, still ready to instruct and help you! Text, email or call me, or any other teacher when you are having difficulty or need clarification about how to do an assingnment.
    • Take breaks, and remember to take care of yourself, get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, try to exercise everday and do your best!