• Classroom Expectations and Behavior

    All students in my classroom are expected to: 

    1. Follow all adult directions the first time. 
    2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves. 
    3. Respect people, places, and things. 
    4. Use kind words and actions.

     I use ClassDojo and PBIS tickets to reward students for good behavior. We will often have incentives to earn such as Fun Friday, where students will need to earn X amount of tickets or points that week. Students also compete each week to earn the most Dojo points to win the title of Dojo Leader the following week. 

    In my classroom I follow logical consequences. If a student breaks something, they will be asked to clean it up or fix it. If a student abuses hallway privileges, they will use a token system or have limited hallway access. If a student misues their iPad, they will lose their iPad for that day. Depending on the severity and frequency of classroom infractions, parent contact will be made.


    Grading Policy

    Participation: Students will earn weekly participation for daily assignments such as completeing a math review task each day. Students are responsible for completing a daily assignment they missed because of an absence. I will accept late work 1 week past the original due date. For exampe, if an assignment is due on Friday, May 1st I will accept late work through Friday, May 8th with 10% taken off for late submission. 

    Checkpoints:  These are skills-based assignments such as quizzes and journal responses. These will be point-based, but may also have a rubric attached to them. 

    Summative: Students will likely have one summative assessment each quarter. These are larger unit tests and big projects that will be high in point value and take longer to complete. All summative assessments will have a rubric. 


    Virtual Learning Grading Policy for Absent Students

    Students who are ONLINE but do NOT submit work on time will receive a 0, but can turn it in late for credit. 

    Students who are NOT ONLINE have one week to submit work before they receive a 0 for the assignment. It will remain "blank" for that week and will not hurt their grade until it is past the late deadline. 


    Homework Policy

    Homework is not graded in my class. Homework is simply designed to practice skills at home or complete any unfinished work from the school day.