• workbook   Student Science Workbook


    Click on the Student Science Workbook link above. Complete the pages listed for each day this week. Have a grown up read the pages to you. If you are asked to write something, you can either write your answer on your own paper or tell someone your answer.

    Monday: Pages 148-149

    Tuesday: Pages 150-151

    Wednesday: Pages 152-153

    Thursday: Pages 154-155

    Friday: Look in your house and outside of your house. Draw and label at least 3 plants that you see.


    Click on the blue link below. Look at each picture and tell if it is living or not living.

    Remember Living things:

    -need air

    -need nutrients (food and water)

    -can move on their own

    -can make new living things

    -grow and change


     Is it living or non living?