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    Saturday, May 21, 2022

    Good Afternoon to all in our Buffalo Public Schools (BPS)
    Learning Community,

    This past week, has been the saddest and most trying of times that we in the Buffalo Public Schools, have ever faced. It has been filled with extreme trauma and unexplainable grief, at the senseless and horrific loss of ten beautiful lives.

    Hate in any form is poisonous and unacceptable! It will not be tolerated in any form, in any of our schools. I am urging all BPS employees, students, families, and community members to report all hate messaging, which they may experience or witness. It is important to understand that silence is complicity, and we must not be complicit to evil and wrongdoing. My plea is that “if you see or hear something… report it… swiftly!” Do not stand by and hope that someone else will report it. WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE! The future of our children requires this!

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