• Home Activities

    ABC 123





    1. Please read daily with your child.



    2. Look for shapes around your house, count the number of sides.



    3. Make Aa-Zz letter flash cards to practice with your child.



    4. Make number flash cards 1-20.



    5. "Count and Move" - show a number card 1-10 and jump that  many times. 



    6. Draw pictures with pencils, crayons and markers.



    7.  Practice writing the letters in your name.



    8. Think of words that rhyme.  Ex:  cat ,hat   dog, hog



    9.  Have your child retell a favorite story.



    10. Illustrate/Draw a picture about the story.



    11. Gather different objects and separate into two piles.  Ask, "Which  has more or less?" 



    12. Write A,B,C's on paper.  Ask "What letter comes next?"



    13. Have your child draw or write about something they would like to be when they grow up.



    14. Find different sized boxes in your house and count the sides and corners.