At-Home-Art Challenges

  • No art? No way! 



    While you are learning from home, I want you to keep making art! On these pages are 7 challenges for you to complete at home. Work with your family members if you need help! It will be fun and I can’t wait to see what you create!  Ask a family member if you may use a phone or smart device to take a photo of your artwork. You can submit your work online in schoology, message me on dojo, or upload to dojo portfolio.  If you can’t, no worries you can bring it to school when we reopen.


    You may do the work on separate paper (lined paper works great too). You can make art using a powerful tool of creation: the pencil !!  If you have a way to add color, you can.  Otherwise a pencil and white or lined paper works great.


    It may work best to try and do one challenge each week. I have uploaded multiple choice quizzes in schoology for you to test your knowledge.  Please try to complete quizzes by Friday. These challenges and the quizzes will be added to your art grade.  If you can’t get something done, DON’T PANIC. Please, just try your best. You are amazing!


    Write the Art Challenge number on your paper when you complete it.



    A link to this packet will be available on Schoology in a folder titled: At-Home Art Challenges.


    Message me any questions on Schoology, Class Dojo, or at my email:


    Paper with lines works great too, if you don’t have unlined paper.