Math resources

Math resources

  • Link to Clever to login to Moby Max:

    Use the link below to access clever. You will need to use you username and password to login. When you sign in, find Moby Max and it will connect you to start learning! 

    Clever Link


    Make sure to put in your 900 number and password to access schoology, teachers often upload assignments on here. 


    Link to Prodigy: 

    Here is the link to play prodigy, Login to practice basic skills. 

    Prodigy Link

    Module help videos: 

    Here is the link to the teacher where I get all the youtube videos based on each lesson.

    Module help videos

    Xtra Math: 

    Practice basic math facts on Xtra Math. You will need my teacher email if you are creating an account, Once you put my email in, you will then need to create a username and password, or enter your username and password you already have. 

    Xtra Math link


    Use zearn to practice lesson and skills at home. They will directly relate to what we are learning in the classroom. 

    Zearn link

    BPS MAth department resources

    Here is a link to take you directly to the math department home page. You will find many resources to help you in there. 

    Math department webpage