• Classroom Standards:

    • Follow the directions the first time
    • Use hand signals to speak or move
    • Be safe
    • Be prepared


    Classroom Expectations:

    • We are a team
    • We try our best
    • We respect one another
    • We celebrate each others successes
    • We learn from our mistakes


    Classroom Consequences:

    • Verbal warning
    • Loss of privileges
    • Phone call home
    • Lunch Detention
    • Write-Up

    **I have the descretion to skip any of these steps based on the severity of the infraction**


    Homework Policies:

    I do not assign homework often because I believe that children should go home to play outside, help their parents prepare dinner and complete chores.  

    I do ask that students read 20 minutes every single night.  This can be by themselves, with a parent or to a younger sibling.

    There will occasionally be short math homework assingments to show me what the student can do independently, they should be returned the next day!