• Reading    The Big Trip

      Read the story "The Big Trip" in your Student Reader. Then answer the following questions in a complete sentence.  

      1. What are Pig and Goat's ideas about a trip by bike?

      2. What text evidence from the events and pictures tell you that this story is a fantasy?

      3. Was this story written to give you information or make you laugh? Why do you think so?                        



      Math   blueberries

      Davontae and Isabella were picking blueberries. Davontae had 19 blueberries and ate 10. Isabella had 13 and picked 7 more. Compare Davontae's and Isabella's blueberries after Davontae ate some and Isabella picked some more. 

      a. Use words and pictures to show how many blueberries each person has. 


      b. Use the term greater than or less than in your statement.




       Science-Click on the link below to read a story to give you a better understanding of Covid 19 



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