Steam Lab

steam lab
  • STEAM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math to guide student inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving. 

    The goal of STEAM-based learning is to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in the future. Regardless of the specific role or industry, it is now critical that students go off to college and/or enter the workforce with a set of well-rounded skills that allow them to adapt to an evolving and fast-paced environment.  

    At North Park Community School #50, we begin this process at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can create a mindset and a foundation of skills that can be built upon while students progress at their own pace. We have a dedicated STEAM Gym where students have regularly scheduled STEAM Study Hall- a class period where students use various types of learning kits, computer programs and apps, robots, circuits, and a wide variety of building & engineering materials.  

    STEAM-based learning gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, displaying data, innovating, and linking multiple fields.  

    Using the STEAM approach means that students aren’t just taught the subject matter, they’re taught how to ask questions, how to be innovative, and how to create. This allows them to develop the ability to approach any situation with an open mind and mindset that’s creatively wired.