The Buffalo Public Schools are committed to ensuring that students have access to online instructional materials during the current school closure.

    If you have a student who is currently enrolled in the Buffalo Public Schools and they are unable to access online instructional materials due to limited or no Internet access, please submit a mobile Hot Spot request survey.


    Hot Spots* will be on loan from the Buffalo Public Schools and are limited to one per family.

    They are intended to provide connectivity to households that do not currently have an Internet connection.

    Distribution of Hot Spots will begin with our graduating seniors. To access the survey, either enter the web address into the browser of your current mobile device or use the camera to scan the QR code below.

    Please fill out this form for the oldest student in the household.


    *Hot Spots are small mobile devices which provide a wireless Internet connection to be used with a computer or table




    CLICK here to complete the Mobile Hot Spot Request Survey:



    Our BPS Community Help Line is up and running at 816-7100. Choose option 1 for questions about technology. If your child is in grades 9-12 and still needs a device, please call to let us know.

    We are currently making preparations to distribute devices for students in grade 3-8. Watch your mail for a letter from the district providing you with information about how to retrieve your child’s device.

    The Buffalo Public School District is making it a priority to provide equitable access to instructional materials during this school closure.