• ART CHALLENGE 2: Create a Story Quilt


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    There are other artists who use balance and pattern in their artwork, too! One of those artists is Faith Ringgold. She was born in Harlem, NY and created a series of narrative quilts with colorful patterns around the edge. One of them is called Tar Beach. If you looke at the background of the quilt, Cassie Louise Lightfoot, a heroine, is flying in the night sky over her apartment building in New York City. Faith Ringgold turned this story quilt into a book with the same name. That means she is an artist and an illustrator.


    Check out the link below:


    Faith Ringgold reads Tar Beach




    1) Below, define the following words.










    2) Using the Venn Diagram below, compare and contrast how Andy Goldsworthy and Faith Ringgold used balance and pattern in similar and different ways.


    Andy Goldsworthy art  Faith Ringgold


    3) Draw or paint a story with you as the hero or heroine in the background and create a patterned border.


    4) Write the story on a separate sheet of paper.


    5) What did you like or learn about Faith Ringgold and her work?