• Please go to  connected: Mcgraw-Hill's Music Studio and type in the code for each grade level.

    Pre-K  wil use the Kindergarten code. 

    To create your account, you will want to follow the steps below. 

    1. Go to ConnectED or Open Learning
    2. Click Create a New Account or Create Student Account
    3. Enter the Class Code, Fill out My Information fields.

    Class Code:

    4. Follow the account creation prompts.
    5. Click Submit.
    6. Accept the Terms and Conditions upon initial account login.

    The student will need to log in to https://my.mheducation.com/, click the "Join a Class" button, and enter the class code.  


    Pre-K and Kindergarten code: wQwBcOZm

    1st Grade code: OIrQgYJl

    2nd Grade code:7o1fjZTk

    3rd Grade code: NjqiYnD5

    4th Grade code: 0zsszyue

    5th Grade code: 1gw5lIml

    6th Grade code: CCBIf8Ji