• ART CHALLENGE 4: Fill Your Page


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    Another artist that creates fun characters is Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. He combines different styles of art such as Japanese manga and anime with American cartoons to create unique characters. He calls his style of painting superflat and leaves hardly any space in the background,


    1) Below, define the following words.










    Do you like anime, manga, cartoons, comics, or animated movies? Do you like candy, flowers, sports, music, or something else? What will inspire you to create a page full of characters? You can turn candy into candy monsters, flowers into superheroes, or do anything your imagination will allow you to do.


    • Your challenge is to fill the page with as many unique characters as you can. On a separate sheet of paper, name and/or describe the characters you created.


    • What did you like or learn about Takashi Murakami and his art work?