• Moby Max is an app where your child can access Science and Math lessons and games. You can get on Moby Max from Clever, the same app you use to get onto MyOn and Lexia Core 5. Moby Max app is green and has a whale on it. This app is great because I can see all of your student's answers and what they are doing well with or what they need help with. This is OPTIONAL. 



  • Module 1 and Module 2 Word Problems

    Here are some word problems you can practice with your student. Maybe just 1 a day to keep them thinking about the ways they can attack these types of Math problems.

    Tell them to make sure they have a drawing of some sort (number bond, shapes, etc...), a number sentene, and to be sure to answer the question the problem is asking you. For example, "How many apples does Josh have now?"  Josh has 8 apples. 

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