Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
    Response to Intervention includes a combination of high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction; assessment; and evidence-based intervention.

    Comprehensive RTI implementation will contribute to:
    • more meaningful identification of learning and behavioral problems
    • improved instructional quality
    • providing the best opportunities for all students to succeed in school
    • the identification of learning disabilities and other disabilities.1
    Effective implementation of RTI supports the implementation of the Next Generation Learning Standards, providing students with scaffolding and support to better access a rigorous curriculum. 

    During grade level meetings and data team meetings, administration, literacy coaches, instructional coaches, support reading teachers, support math teachers and classroom teachers will be reviewing the screening and progress monitoring data to assess whether the level of intervention that each student receives is appropriate for his/her needs.

    To learn more download:  Response to Intervention Academic Intervention Services Procedure Manual

    Academic Support Continuum

    RTI/AIS Letters

    RTI Pyramids 

    Screening and Progress Monitoring/DIBELS Assessment Information

    2019  ELA Test Performance Levels Definitions for Grades 3-8

    RTI Resources
    Many of the materials on this page are password protected. The documents listed below have been adapted for use from the work of various agencies and, therefore, are not for distribution outside of BPS. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Available for Download Here
    • Initial Placement Charts Grades K-6
    • Intervention Checkpoints/Criteria
    • Student Data Folder Contents
    • ELA/Math Blocks (by grade)
    • Approved Resources Reading RtI
    • Approved Resources Reading

    Positive Behavior Systems

    Curriculum Resources

    Content Seque
    Core Curriculum
    Course of Study
    Implementation Resources
    Instructional Guides
    Unit Pacing

    1 National Center on Response to Intervention,