Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Marilynne Tracy Crawford

A few fun facts about me.

I was born in Buffalo in a hospital on Niagara Street, lived at 245 West Ave, began my education at Holy Cross Church and moved to Hamburg, New York where I grew up.

I am a teacher for many years and have taught all over the world.

I attended University of Buffalo for my bachelors degree, and my masters degree,  I earned my Doctorate in Education using a distance program from University of California over the the years I lived in Saudi Arabia and Japan.

I am a mother of one daughter Caitlin who is a nurse, and she has one daughter who attended Buffalo Public Schools all her school years, named Madeline. She is a Say Yes college scholarshio recipeint because she attended Buffalo Public schools and did her work!

I have one son named John, he is married to Meredith, they have four children and live in Louisiana on a little ranch.   John's children are Finlee 11 years old, Ireland 8 years old, Scottlynn 6 years old, and Atlas 2 years old. John attended Buffalo Public School 45 until I took him to live internationally with me.    

Now I am back teaching in the neighborhood where I was born.