• These are great tools to help you practice your materials and get more information about performing your instrument. 

    Great Practicing Apps:

    Google Search: Metronome


    TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome

    Pano Tuner


    If you would like to continue to work out of the book, please use:

    Essential Elements Interactivehttps://www.essentialelementsinteractive.com/


    If you have a book at home please follow these steps:

    Students- Create new account

    School Code: BPSBand-Carriero

    -Don't Have Student ID

    -Check boxes

    -Type in Activation Code (inside book, first page after cover)

    If you don't have a book please use the following log in: (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING)

    Username: TESTERR

    Password: BPSBAND-Carriero

    If you are using the general log in, once you start practicing you can change the to your own instrumet, and you can play along with the music.


    Once you have created your account or logged into the general account, send a message to me that you have successfully logged in. If you have a book, you MUST use your book Activation Code.