• ART CHALLENGE 5: Obliteration Drawing


    Another Japanese artist named Yayoi Kusama loves dots! She wears clothes with dots and covers entire rooms with dots. She does a type of art called installation. One installation she created was called The Obliteration Room, she let people cover everything in the room with dots. She compared dots with the sun, which is a symbol of energy and therefore shows movement. Her artwork looks very energetic!

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    Below is a link to a video so you can see people in the obliteration room. You do NOT have to listen to the video because it was made for adults. You can just watch it!


    Obliteration Room on Youtube



    1) Below, define the following words.









    2) What do you think about people obliterating a room like that?


     3) Would you like to be a part of an artist’s work like that? Explain why or why not.


    4) Using your observation skills, draw a room in your home or a few objects from that room. Then choose a symbol or symbols that represent that room or the people who spend time in that room and cover the objects you drew with that symbol until you have obliterated it.


    5) On a separate paper, describe your obliteration drawing. Do NOT obliterate a real room in your house. You may get in a lot of trouble!


    6) If you want to challenge yourself further, explain what you like or learned about Yayoi Kusama and her artwork.