• ART CHALLENGE 6: Alebrije!

     art art

    Alebrijes are fantastic creatures Pedro Linares Lopez dreamed up!

    They are sometimes multiple animals mixed together, but they always have bright colors and patterns!


    If you can, watch this video on youtube!

    Alebrije on Youtube


    art art



    1) Below, define the following words.









    2) How can one person’s dream change the real world (Think about Pedro Linares Lopez, but also Martin Luther King Jr.)?


    3) Why do you think we dream?


    4) Using your imagination skills, draw an alebrije of your own! You can mix any combination of animals to create a dream creature.  Use your knowledge of shapes and form to draw different animal parts.  If you want references you can use a tablet or smart phone to google images of animals, or use your amazing imagination. If you have crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk, or highlighters; you can make your drawing full of color. If not, pencils are amazing tools of creation. This animal must be covered in patterns.


    5) On a separate paper, or the back of this one, describe where your dream animal lives and what it eats.  Write a sentence or two that answers these questions: What special powers does your dream animal have?  How can it help the world?