• Challenge #8: Wrap it Up!

    Make your own artworks using textiles and found objects!



    Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-95.

    Photo: Wolfgang Volz © 1995 Christo Source: christojeanneclaude.net

    The Reichstag building is in Berlin and it's under all that cloth! It took 100,000 square meters of silvery fabric and over fifteen kilometers (about 9 miles) of blue ropes to wrap this up! The artwork was allowed to stay for two weeks in the summer of 1995.  What an incredible sight it must have been!


    Wrap it!


    The plan: You are going to make your own artworks using stretched textiles and found objects.

    What you need: fabric, an object, string, a camera (phone).

    •Find an object and wrap it in fabric.
    •Secure the fabric by wrapping round the string or tape.
    •Photograph your object with a camera (phone).
    •Write: How has it changed? What does it look like now?