Grading Summary for the 2019-2020 School Year

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    Important Information for Parents & Students

    Academy School 131@4

    Grading Summary for the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year

    • Quarter 3 will be extended until June 19.
    • Students may continue to submit work until the final day of school (That is still to be determined.)
    • Quarter 3 grades are frozen as of March 13.
    • The third marking period will be counted twice, or as 50% of the overall course average.
    • If that in-progress grade from Quarter 3 is 49% or below, it will be converted to 50%.  
    • All students who were passing as of March 13, will pass for the year.
    • All assignments after March 13 will be treated as exempt;
      these assignment scores cannot lower the Quarter 3 in-progress grade,
      they can only improve a student’s grade.
    • Students who fail will be marked as incomplete.
    • For failing students, those who reach mastery on 75% of work assigned to them by their teacher
      (either via the packets sent home or via Schoology/other technical means) will receive a passing grade.
    • For students who are passing, completion of work at mastery level will increase their grade based on amount completed.
      A student who is passing with a 65 who completes 25% of assigned work at mastery will increase their grade to a 75.
      If they complete 50%, their grade moves to an 85, and so forth.


    Mastery on an assignment is determined by your teacher’s grading policies.
    Reach out to each instructor if you are unsure what mastery means for each class/assignment.