Classroom Expectations

  • Remote Learning Expectations


    These are some suggestions to make remote learning more successful at home.

    1. Get a good night sleep!  Try to maintain a schedule and morning routine just as when going to school. 
    2. Find a quiet space.  Using headphones will help if there is more than one student learning at the sametime.  
    3. Organize all our materials in your backpack or a basket to have prepared everyday.
    4. Charge your device after class so it is ready for the next day.  

     boy with device and headphones

    Online class on Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams  image

    Respect: Enter class on mute, raise your hand to share, listen to others speaking

    Responsibility: Be on time, follow the directions, complete work, stay on-task

    Safety: Sit with device in a quiet place, using materials appropriately

    Kindness: Use polite langugae, encourage others, take turns 

    Perseverance: Ask for help, keep trying! 



    Classroom Expectations

     Respect: listen to other students and teachers, clean up after ourselves, quiet in halls and when others working

    Responsibility: follow the directions, complete work, stay on-task

    Safety: use materials appropriately, walk in the class and halls

    Kindness: use polite language, share, stay in your space (hands to ourselves)

    Perseverance: ask for help, keep trying! 


    First Grade Friendship Respect, Share, Be Kind, Do your best Make good choices, have fun