Play 60

Play 60- Fitness for Kids Challenge

  • This is an activity program that supports children getting 60 minutes of exercise per day.


    Farm to School Fresh, local foods can be a great source for healthy eating. That’s why it’s a great idea to organize a “Farm to School” program. Team up with the people in your school and community to learn more about the benefits of eating fresh dairy and farm-raised foods from your area. By exploring how farmers take care of the land and grow the food you eat, you will learn a lot about making healthy eating choices and can raise awareness about the great work that’s probably being done right in your school’s backyard.

    Learning about the work of dairy and other farmers in producing healthy, nutrient-rich foods can help students better appreciate the variety of foods they might choose, and where those foods come from. Local food sourcing also helps the local economy and the environment, and creates less waste.