All students are expected to behave and demonstrate responsibility, respect for others, and self-discipline on a daily basis, while in the virtual classroom, when participating in school-sponsored events, and before and after school hours.

    During distance learning, students are expected to:

    • Make every effort to attend classes, engage in online activities, and be an active participant in their own education.
    • Complete assignments during the assigned time frame on their own, or with help from parents as appropriate.
    • Complete remote assessments (testing) as directed by teachers.
    • Communicate with their teachers around any conflict that may arise in regard to the completion of their work (illness, work, or care of siblings).
    • Take care of their BPS issued device and interact online in accordance with BPS policies and guidance.

    As they engage in learning online, students should:

    • Actively attend and participate freely in class.
    • Come to class dressed appropriately and with an appropriate background (blur or another background choice) showing on Microsoft Teams.
    • Work under their teacher’s guidance regarding the use of their camera during Microsoft Teams meetings (live online instruction); staff will allow students and/or parents/guardians the flexibility of having cameras on or off.
    • Mute their microphone when they are not speaking.
    • Use the “raise hand” feature in Microsoft Teams if they have a question during class.
    • Minimize distractions to themselves and to other students (no TV on in the background, minimal interaction with family members, etc.)
    • Use appropriate language throughout all virtual interactions. Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication (e.g., emails, discussion boards, group projects, submitted assignments).
    • Treat each other, and their teacher(s), with courtesy and respect. Students have the right to express themselves in a safe online environment as if it were an in-person class.
    • Notify the teachers and/or school administrator immediately if they receive inappropriate online interactions.
    • Add a photo or bitmoji of themselves to their Canvas and Microsoft Teams profile.