Image of Expectations
  • While I’m sure you, as students, hold expectations for me as I guide you throughout this course, know that I also have some expectations for you, as well. My main expectations entail respect and participation. As obvious as it may be, students cannot learn if they do not respect both their teacher as the educator and mentor in the room and their classmates as their fellow teammates in the learning process. For that reason, I feel it is imperative to establish a mutual respect between students and teacher. In addition, students cannot approach a learning situation without having the ability and courage to participate in an active classroom. Through this sort of contribution, students will be able to learn at their full capacity. As for the expectations you hold for me, please make sure they do exist. I want to be challenged in your classroom, and to develop a sense of comfort amidst our teaching environment. I want you to expect that I will be prepared for every class, and that I will uphold high standards of academic excellence. After all, expectations set goals, and goals yield accomplishments.