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    Welcome back! Welcome to English IV. In order to prepare you for your roles beyond high school (just months away), the focus of this English course is to refine your reading and writing skills by studying various text to make you college and career ready.  I look forward to working with you this year and am anxious to help you make the most of your senior year. I am confident that you will look back on this year’s English class as one that was interesting, challenging, and rewarding.  The following are important aspects of the class that highlight our focus for this year:



    There are a variety of objectives we will be focusing on this year to master reading, writing, listening & speaking skills that connect to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards. Daily objectives will be located on the objective board in the classroom.


    Common Core Regents Examination in English Language Arts:

    Our end goal as an English Department is to help you to pass the Common Core Regents Examination in English Language Arts along with your 4 credits in English. It is our job to teach you the necessary skills to master grade level materials as this is a graduation requirement. More importantly, we will work together to develop strategies and skills so that each student may approach the exam with confidence whether you have successfully passed it, want a higher grade, or have not passed it or taken it, yet. The parts include and are labeled: Reading Comprehension, Argument, and Text-Analysis Response.



    Please make it a point to be consistently prepared for class.  Our time together is extremely valuable- once you enter the classroom you should be ready to begin.  I will provide you with your own Senior portfolio, various classroom supplies, and important worksheets. I will also purchase additional items for various classroom activities. Please bring to me:


    • One box of Kleenex or Tissues for the classroom
    • One package of Highlighters for the classroom (pink, green, or yellow)
    • One package of College Ruled Paper for the classroom
    • One package of Pens for the classroom (10 or more)


    All items can be found at the Dollar Store for a total of $4.00 plus tax.


    Classroom Expectations/Norms:

    I am here to encourage and promote positive behavior. It is important that we show each other mutual respect. You can demonstrate respectful classroom behavior by complying with Buffalo Public Schools Code of Conduct.



    The most important job that I have this year is to help you walk across that stage in June.  Figuratively speaking, I will push you to do your best.  At times I will be strict to make sure that you do not fall behind on grades from lack of comprehension, missing assignments, or constant absences.  I will “hunt you down” by calling home, harassing your friends, visiting your hang-outs, and showing up at your jobs if you are slacking. 


    Units of Study:

    This year we will focus on being college and career ready.   At times, this class will be writing intensive that requires much brainstorming, outlining, planning, researching, writing, editing, and publishing. We will also tune in on close reading and comprehension skills, along with text-dependent questioning.

    Marking Period 1

    Marking Period 2

    1. Malcolm X

    1. Ideas Live On

    2. College Admission Essay

    2. Civil Disobedience

    3. Yellow Woman and the Beauty of the Spirit

    3. Julius Caesar

    4. Various Performance Assessments

    4. Various Performance Assessments

    Marking Period 3

    Marking Period 4

    1. Guns, Germs, and Steel

    1. Raisin in the Sun

    2. Research Stations

    2. To be a Man & Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    3. MLA Style Research Paper

    3. Harlem

    4. Various Performance Assessments

    4. Various Performance Assessments



    Grading will be implemented through a variety of procedures which include: warm-ups, Schoology assignments, Lexia PowerUp, vocabulary, annotations, enrichment packets, written work, various assessments, student portfolio, projects, homework, class discussion and participation, and cooperative group activities. Hard work, commitment, and improvement are key indicators to determine a grade that a student will receive in class.



    % of FINAL Grade

    In- Class Writings,

    Activities, and






    Completion of

    Other Class



    By doing your homework regularly, you can easily raise your average.  Any homework assigned will be for a very specific purpose- I will never assign homework as punishment or “busy work.”  Assignments will be meaningful and will serve to enhance the work that we do in class.  You will also find these assignments to be fair as you will be able to complete them in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, all homework must be turned in on time.




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    Dear Parent/Guardian,


                I look forward to working with you in helping your child make the most


    of this year’s English class.  I welcome any input you might have and always will


    be available to address any concerns you might have.


                Certainly, I will encourage your child to be responsible for his/her own


    work, however the support you give your child is invaluable.  I deeply appreciate


    your involvement and interest.


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    Hello Students! Click below on the English IV Syllabus for valuable course information.

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