• AP Seminar

    Each student enrolled in AP Semianr is required to complete the following work this summer:


    1) Download the document, "AP Capstone Implementation Guide" [link included below] or pick up a copy of this document in the Main Office at school. 


    2) Peruse the document, but read pages 7-13 more closely


    3) Answer the questions on Worksheeet 1.0 [link included below], "Introduction to AP Capstone Diploma Program."

    This document is both attached to this page and attached to the packet available at school. 


    4) At the end of WS 1.0, there are instructions for the essay that is due when we return to school in September 2021. 


    5) Advice on writing the essay:

    *Write one body paragraph at a time.

    *When you write your first body paragraph, leave half a page for the Introduction because I am recommneding that the introduction be written AFTER you have written the five body paragraphs.

    *Then, once you have written the five body paragraphs (in any order), write the Conclusion and Introduction.



    I look forward to meeting everyone next fall. 


    pax & agape, 

    Mr. McTigue


    Click here to download the AP Capstone Implementation Guide

    Click here for Worksheet 1.0, "Introduction to AP Capstone Diploma Program"