• FAQ: Award Process and Posted Results

    What happens after an offering has closed?
    After an offering has closed the responses are evaluated for:
    • Compliance to the offering requirements
    • Pricing (Bids)
    • Best Value (RFPs)

    This evaluation determines the presumptive awardee(s). 

    Where can I find the posted results?

    • Awards under $20,000 will be published immediately via the Buffalo Public Schools Bonfire Procurement Portal.
    • Awards over $20,000 must be approved by the School Board. The School Board votes on awards at their monthly meeting (usually the 3rd Wednesday of every month).
      • Approved awards are then posted on Bonfire the day after the Board meeting.
      • Supporting information for Board approved awards is publicly available via Board Docs. It is recommended that you use the offering number when conducting a search, or browse to the desired meeting date agenda/minutes.
    • Any other information regarding the offering may be requested via a FOIL request following the instructions here.

    Can't Locate an Award?

    Contact purchasing@buffaloschools.org