• AP 2-D Design


    Portfolio and Exhibition

    AP 2-D Design is an advanced course for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of Art.  The course enables highly motivated students to do college level work.

    AP 2-D Design is not based on a written examination.  Instead candidates submit a portfolio of 20 works for evaluation in May.  The portfolio is based on a 2 section structure which requires the student to show a fundamental mastery (5 works) and a thematic exploration (15) that include works in process and development. 

    Part 1


    5 works of art will be created that demonstrate mastery of medias to include pencil. Ink, paint, charcoal and colored pencils. Works will be physically submitted to the AP College Board.  Deadline for work is November 15 and will be chosen by teacher and student critiques.


    15 works of art will be created exploring a theme of the artist’s choice.  Examples include a specific subject (portrait or landscape)  or  media (pencil, watercolor).  Each work must demonstrate mastery and deep understanding .  Digital evidence of the process can be included in the in the 15 images. Teacher and student evaluation will be uploaded and submitted to the AP College Board website for evaluation by May 1.  All works must include a written reflection as directed by the College Board.

    College Credit will be awarded by the AP College Board to students who score a 3 or above for the evaluation of their work.

    District course credit will be awarded by the teacher according to the course requirements being met.