• Welcom to mathematics everyone. 

    Having a solid grasp on math is very important, especially if you have sincere aspirations towards going on to college.


    Knowledge is power. The ability to retain taught information and then perform well on an assessment without help from anyone is very important to me. With that being said I weigh most of your average on in class assessments. The breakdown is as follows

    • Assessments count 50% of you average
    • Homework grades will count 20% of your average
    • Classwork and Participation grades will count 15% each


    Keep in mind, you have 24 hour access to infinite campus. It is your responsibility to know what your average is as we proceed throughout the year. Do not put yourself in a position where you might fail the class. Also, do not ask for extra credit. If you cannot handle the regular credit then you won't be able to handle extra credit.


    Plain and simple, if you have good attendance, are not a repetitive disciplinary type of individual, participate in the learning process and get your work done you will pass. If you want grades like 80's and 90's on your report card then you will have to get 80's and 90's on in class assessments.


    Each day you are expected to enter the classroom with a learning attitude and a calm demeanor.  You are required to be a positive contributing individual to the learning process. Any attempts to cause distractions to the efforts of myself to teach or the other students to learn will require me to consider disciplinary action.


    Cell phones/Laptops. These devices are not to be in use during the instruction process. Students can use these devices after asking and receiving permission from the teacher. The learning process is greatly hindered when students stare at these screens rather than focussing on the instruction taking place. I shouldn't have to waste the time of the other students while constantly asking you to refrain from using these tools.  Oh, and, trying to learn via teacher instruction while listening to music through your ear buds also doesn't work, so please keeps these away as well. Failure to keep these intruments off duing instruction may result in disciplinary action.


    Disciplinary action can include but is not limited to: a simple conversation in the hall, change your seat in the classroom, take points off of your quarter average, have you removed and sent to an administrator, or a call home. We are in high school, teachers should not be calling home for disciplinary reasons.  Please note, the first step I will take before any disciplinary action is considered, is to give you a reasonable request to refrain from whatever it is you are doing.  


    When you come to class please have with you a notebook, folder, and something to write with. Unless told otherwise, other supplies will be provided throughout the year if needed. I am not a fan of delaying instruction to make sure I provide students with these three basic supplies. If habits of being unprepared occur then points may be taken off your average. You should treat and respect your school supplies like you do your cellphone. 


    I anticipate having a wonderful year with all of you. The end goal is you proving to me that you are ready to move up to the next level of mathematics.  You accomplish this by being an active learner who is sincere about your school work.  You accomplish this by being an individual who wants to further their learning of math, as well as other subjects, so you can put yourself in a better position to have a more prosperous future.  Academic success is much more than just showing up and completing some guided worksheets.  You need to show me and yourseld that you are willing to work hard in class as well as out of class and then pass assessments in class using only your brain to remember what you have been taught.  It is hard work, but I know you are capable of it.


    Please click on the classes below for a list of topics which will be taught throughout the year.



    Algebra II